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Where we began and why there’s no end in sight.

MediBeacon, in a management buyout in 2012, acquired technology from Mallinckrodt/Covidien.

The company’s intellectual property has expanded substantially and now includes over 50 granted US patents, which cover composition of matter of the company’s pharmaceuticals, as well as devices, algorithms and methods related to the transdermal detection of these patented fluorescent agents.


In 2015, Pansend Life Sciences of INNOVATE Corp. (NYSE: VATE) became the largest equity investor in MediBeacon. In 2019, MediBeacon entered into a $30 million investment and exclusive commercialization partnership in Greater China with Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. Huadong is a leading China-based pharmaceutical company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

MediBeacon’s fluorescent agent platform for use in physiological function monitoring has important applications in kidney health, gastrointestinal health, and beyond.

At MediBeacon, we measure our success in our ability to create measurable differences that impact global health. Evidence of our advances can be found in the numerous issued global patents.