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Advances in fluorescent technology brought to light.

MediBeacon’s robust platform of agents are being designed to facilitate measurement of what was once difficult to measure. Once in the hands of physicians, the data obtained by these measurements has the potential to aid physicians in dramatically changing areas of medicine, including but not limited to helping to expedite the identification, monitoring and treatment of kidney disease and gastroenterological disorders. Additional applications target the measurement of physiology in ophthalmology, surgery and beyond.

Granted US Patents
Granted Global Patents
Including Composition of Matter, Algorithm, Device and Method Patents
Fluorescent tracer agent pharmaceuticals specifically engineered for renal clearance
October 22, 2018
FDA Grants Breakthrough Device Status for MediBeacon’s Transdermal GFR Measurement System.

Grant from the Gates Foundation is awarded to MediBeacon in collaboration with Washington University.

Peer reviewed MediBeacon publications
Peer reviewed preclinical
publications and conference abstracts in which the transdermal GFR (tGFR) technique has been used

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