Leading researchers worldwide rely on MediBeacon technology.
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Transdermal GFR technology is used extensively in preclinical nephrology research. MediBeacon technology is used by leading medical schools, academic centers, research institutes, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to enhance preclinical assessment of kidney therapeutics, evaluate nephrotoxicity, and gain a fundamental understanding of kidney function in animals. Research using the Transdermal GFR Monitor has been featured at scientific meetings worldwide.

peer reviewed publications and conference abstracts.
Proven Measured GFR for Preclinical Studies
Preclinical Device - Technical Specifications

Key Advanatges

  • Transdermal – No Sampling Required
  • Longitudinal Measurements Captured
  • Animal Not Restrained During Monitoring
  • Miniature Detection Device Used in All Animals
  • Validated Fluorescent Tracer Agents Employed 

  • Over 50% Smaller Device(a)
  • Adjustable Sampling Rate
  • Robust Battery Interface
  • Reduced Motion Artifacts
  • Enhanced Data Precision
  • Supports Mac or PC

(a) Comparison is to previous version of the Transdermal GFR Monitor.

The instrument contains light emitting diodes which excite the fluorescent tracer agent and a photodiode that collects the light emission.

After amplification and digitization, the data sets are subsequently stored in the internal memory of the device. The data is transferred to a PC or Mac via USB. connection. For each transfer, an additional MediBeacon Measurement Code must be acquired separately in order to enable a data transfer. A basic software package is provided with the device. An advanced evaluation software product (Preclinical Data Studio) is sold separately.

Measurement kits which include the necessary disposables required for use of the Transdermal Mini GFR Monitor are sold separately (also available with Measurement Codes).(a)(b)

(b) For information regarding compatible fluorescent tracer agents contact us at