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There is a brighter future through fluorescent technology.

MediBeacon’s robust platform of investigational agents are designed to facilitate measurement of what was once difficult or not possible to measure*. The applications being explored in nephrology and gastroenterology have the potential to expedite the identification, monitoring and treatment of kidney disease and gastroenterological disorders.

Focus is on bringing transformational technology into medical practice. Fluorescent tracer agent-based monitoring systems are well positioned to provide an indication of GFR, quantification of GI permeability, enhanced visualization of the vasculature during ocular angiography, and identification of the ureters during abdominal surgeries. Delivering products which have the potential to have a positive impact on both the quality and cost of patient care is the goal.

Fluorescent tracer agents could potentially have multiple applications across different medical disciplines. By targeting molecules of different molecular weights and light emission wavelengths new fluorescent tracer agent-based transdermal measurement systems are possible.

MediBeacon Product Pipeline