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Focused on delivering measurable differences in global health.

Stakeholders across the healthcare system are demanding proactive disease management and objective measurement of treatment efficacy. Accurate physiological measurements made at the point of care are intended to give doctors the information they need to actively manage their patients. The Transdermal GFR Measurement system is poised to become a key measurement tool, providing data on kidney function (GFR) that will help doctors treat their patients and may even be a useful research tool to help the medical profession and payors drive value-based pricing in nephrology therapeutic models.*

Breakthrough Applications

Application of the MediBeacon technology in gastroenterology is focused on developing a transdermal measurement of gastrointestinal permeability. Increased gut permeability has been proposed to be an indicator of gut inflammation, a primary target in the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Clinical studies to determine the utility of MediBeacon fluorescent tracer agents in monitoring and possibly aiding in diagnosis of Crohn’s patients has begun.*

Patented Innovations

MediBeacon technology is built upon focused areas of innovation. Novel fluorescent tracer agents and highly engineered transdermal sensors along with unique analytical approaches are focused on delivering systems which can have a profound positive impact on the quality and cost of patient care. The MediBeacon intellectual property portfolio includes granted composition of matter, algorithm, and method patents in the US, Europe and beyond.

Focus is on unmet medical needs where the health of patients throughout the world can be positively impacted.

FDA granted the MediBeacon Transdermal GFR Measurement System (TGFR) Breakthrough Device designation in 2018. FDA Breakthrough Device Designation is reserved for technologies that have the potential to be more effective at diagnosing a life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating disease or condition compared to the current standard of care.

Grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have supported MediBeacon transdermal gastroenterology permeability research.

Forward-Looking Statements
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