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Developing fluorescent technology to help enable more timely intervention.

MediBeacon is a medical technology company focused on advancing fluorescent tracer agents and transdermal detection technology to provide vital and actionable measurement of organ function.

Measurements of organ function at the point of care have the potential to provide information that will help healthcare providers to fundamentally change the standard of care in numerous clinical situations. It is our mission to provide doctors with information that empowers them to make better decisions faster. Use of the technology in a clinical research setting offers the possibility to help researchers reduce time to market for life-saving pharmaceuticals by giving them data that can help determine whether and how fast therapies are working.

Focus is on enabling more timely intervention.

Our advancements in fluorescent tracer agent technology are designed to give medical practitioners accurate physiological measurements in real-time and at the point of care in a hospital, physicians’ office, or at a patient’s home.

The value of transdermal detection of organ function will ultimately depend upon the manner in which physicians employ the information provided by these systems. MediBeacon hopes to provide tools which may help physicians improve the care that they provide to patients.

The FDA has granted Breakthrough Device designation for the MediBeacon Transdermal GFR Measurement System (TGFR) product. This is because the TGFR has the potential to be more effective at diagnosing a life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating disease or condition compared to the current standard of care.*

Shining new light on physiological measurement.

We believe there are no limits to our thinking or what that thinking can accomplish.
Advances in the development of biocompatible fluorescent tracer agents that can be detected by a sensor placed on the skin are at the core of MediBeacon’s scalable medical technology platform. The solutions are being designed to be clinically practical, relevant and easily understood.

Real-time GFR measurement has the potential, if used effectively, to give doctors information that could help them fundamentally transform their understanding of kidney function in such a way that it could change the practice of nephrology, critical care medicine and beyond.

Transdermal GI permeability measurement has the potential to be a tool that could help doctors to evolve their understanding of mucosal healing in a way that can impact the proactive care of those with inflammatory bowel diseases and a range of other autoimmune disorders.

Improvements in ocular and surgical visualization are other possible future uses of the florescent tracer technology.

Preclinical use of fluorescent tracer agent-based monitoring systems are having an impact.

Our preclinical product enables researchers to measure renal function in a streamlined and accurate manner. Over 400 peer-reviewed and conference abstracts describe the ground breaking research in which the transdermal measured GFR technique has been used. Improvements in preclinical research techniques have the potential to reduce the time it takes to get lifesaving treatments and pharmaceuticals from ideation to commercialization.*

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