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Stuart L Goldstein, MD, FAAP, FASN, FNKF
Professor of Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
– MediBeacon Director of Clinical Development

Stuart L. Goldstein, MD, is Clark D. West Endowed Chair, Professor of Pediatrics, and the Director of the Center for Acute Care Nephrology (CACN) at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The CACN’s mission is to serve as a nexus for all clinical, translational and outcomes research for children with, or at-risk for acute kidney injury (AKI).

Dr. Goldstein has a strong record of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration with cardiologists, intensivists and emergency center physicians. He developed and validated the pediatric modified RIFLE (pRIFLE) AKI criteria and was the Principal Investigator on the multi-national Assessment of Worldwide AKI, Renal angina and Epidemiology (AWARE) study. He was one of two pediatric work group members for the KDIGO International AKI Guideline Work Group and has served on the KDOQI Hemodialysis Adequacy, Vascular Access and Pediatric Nutrition Guideline Work Groups.

Dr. Goldstein established the Prospective Pediatric AKI Research Group (ppAKI-RG) consortium to focus on multi-centered research studies that are dedicated to understanding and treating AKI in pediatric patients. The ppAKI-RG is comprised of 52 centers from around the world with the goal of improving outcomes for the child with or at-risk for AKI.

Dr. Goldstein is also a recognized educator; he has developed the only pediatric specific acute care nephrology sub-specialty fellowship with graduates who are now leaders in the field of pediatric AKI. He has written over 250 journal articles and is a Co-Editor of the textbooks, Pediatric Nephrology and Critical Care Nephrology and Renal Replacement Therapy in Children.

Dr. Goldstein received his MD from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. He completed his residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas. He completed a fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology at The Children’s Hospital in Boston Massachusetts.