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Cherine Eldumiati Plumaker - Co-Founder and General Partner, Pansend Life Sciences, LLC

Cherine E. Plumaker began her career at Weiss Peck & Greer-Farber Present Fund as an equity analyst focusing on the healthcare and consumer industries. In rapid succession, she became portfolio manager and ultimately Head of Trading and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Fund.

Upon the sale of Weiss Peck &Greer- Farber Present Fund to Robeco/Rabobank N.V., Ms. Plumaker partnered with Dr. Present and became Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Palyon Medical Corporation. In 2014 she co-founded Pansend Life Sciences LLC, a subsidiary of HC2 Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:HCHC) dedicated to investing broadly in life sciences and healthcare. Ms. Plumaker received a B.S in Economics from Rutgers University.